I’m a busy woman with a job, a home, and many interests.

I’m Kathie. I’m also a woman with a bit of rebellious streak and I like to do it myself, thank you very much.

It’s that rebellious streak and the memories of my dear grandmothers that have me finding time to bake homemade bread almost every single week no matter how busy. 

I know modern life is full of busy and obligations and crazy schedules and commitments. There are children to raise, aging parents to care for, mortgages to pay, and goodness all we want is a glass of wine and a comfortable chair after a hard week. 

I get it and yet most of us still struggle with finding purposeful recreation that helps us relax while also providing sustenance for the body and soul.

This is where the power of homemade bread rests.

Homemade bread gives a chance to be creative, work out some stress by getting busy with our hands, and perhaps best of all provides us with the ultimate comfort food – simple, delicious bread in all its many forms.

Here at Kneady Girl, we’ll give you amazing bread recipes for both yeasted and quick breads that will go amazingly alongside every single meal of the day. (Even dessert sometimes!) 

We’ll help you find time to indulge your own rebellious streak and gain confidence in baking homemade bread for yourself and your family. 

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